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Register as employer
Register as employer
Skrevet af Kean Pedersen
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If you haven’t registered yourself as an employer, the salary process will be rejected by SKAT.

In order for you to register as an employer, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and change the information

  2. Click ‘Start’

  3. Log in

  4. Find your company (use the CVR number belonging to your company)

  5. Click ‘Ændre’ and choose ‘Ændre virksomhed’

  6. Find ‘Arbejdsgiver/ATP - here you are able to register as an employer. Check all three: A-skat, AM-skat, and ATP.

  7. Click ‘Registrer’

  8. Click ‘Registrer ved arbejdsgiver: ikke registreret

  9. When the registration is complete, you’ll receive an email from

Now we are able to help you pay your salary.

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