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So when you have signed up for Salary, you naturally want to create employees in order to pay your salary.

You are able to create employees by choosing Employees -> Choose New employee:

Now fill out all the necessary fields:

  1. Name, address, etc.

  2. Choose the language you want on the payslips and how you want the employees to receive these

  3. Bank information and tax card

Now you are ready to create the contract for your employee:

  1. Job position, hourly or monthly salary

  2. The amount of salary and work hours

  3. Employee bonuses (free phone, lunch, etc.)

  4. Holiday settings (holiday with/without salary, etc). Good to know: Hourly paid employees can’t have a holiday with salary included.

  5. Pension

  6. Startbalances: You’ll have to fill this out if you have used another salary software before Salary. This is of importance for employees with salary included in their holiday periods.

Now save the contract and your first employee has been created. You will always be able to change the contract later on through Employees -> Choose the employee ->Employment.

Still unsure about what to do? Watch this video (ONLY DANISH):

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