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Changes to an Employee's tax card
Skrevet af Kean Pedersen
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The 2 most common scenarios for changing tax cards are:

1) if the employee wants to switch between the main card and the secondary tax card (bikort)

2) if the employee has made changes to his/her Preliminary income assessment

Change tax card for use in Salary

Employees -> Choose the employee -> Choose Tax cards -> Select the correct tax card -> Choose Request a new tax card: (We will receive the new tax card within 3 hours).

Your employee has made changes to the Preliminary income assessment

Should it happen that your employee makes changes to the Preliminary income assessment, and these changes have an effect on the tax card, we will automatically receive an updated tax card. So in this case you don’t have to take action.

Still unsure about the tax card? Watch this video (ONLY DANISH):

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