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Approve the salary - the most important task in Salary
Approve the salary - the most important task in Salary
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At 10 o'clock in the morning, the day before your employees will receive their salary, is the absolute latest you can approve the salary. If it happens later than this, the salary won’t be paid automatically.

When approving the salary a whole process starts, and it is this process that in the end will pay your employees their hard-working money.

How to approve the salary:

  1. Choose payroll -> Select the active payroll awaiting approval:

2. Choose Approve after having selected the payroll

Important note:

We are unable to help you with approving the salary. This is because it’s you as the owner of the company, that knows what to pay and why. We will never be able to know this information.

And again: Have everything ready for the second last bank day of the month - if you can get everything in place before this, then it’s only a recommendation.

If you are a Premium user of Salary, you can activate automatic approval of salary. Contact our support for more information.

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