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Termination of employee's contract and holiday pay
Termination of employee's contract and holiday pay
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If you have an employee who no longer will work for you, it’s important that you terminate their contract in Salary so that you won’t pay them further on.

To terminate an employee in Salary means that we send a message to SKAT telling them that the person is no longer working for you, and SKAT will then calculate the amount they shall receive in holiday pay if they have this.

  1. Find and terminate the employee by going to Employees -> Choose the employee -> Choose Terminate:

2. Choose the last date the employee shall receive a salary:

3. The holiday pay will automatically be calculated and shown on the employee’s payslip.

4. You’ll be able to see the amount that will be transferred to Feriekonto by clicking on the salary period (the active one).

Termination after the salary has been paid

If you decide to terminate an employee after the salary has been paid, we will create a termination transfer including the holiday pay. You will have to approve this transfer in order for us to report to Feriekonto.

Still unsure about the termination of employment? Watch this video (ONLY DANISH):

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