How to give a Bonus
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There are basically 2 different ways of giving salary:

  1. If you higher the salary as you know it (fixed salary and hourly salary)

  2. As a bonus (one-time pay)

You’ll want to use the Bonus when you are going to pay an extraordinary salary or if you are going to make a one-time payment. If you want examples on when to use the Bonus, please contact the support and we will help you!

When creating a bonus, you’ll be able to choose between 3 types of bonuses:

  1. Ordinary bonus (a-indkomst) - this is the exact same as a salary.

  2. G-dage (use this if the employee leaves the company)

  3. Udbetaling from SH/fritvalgskonto

In order to make the bonus, go to Employees - Choose the employee -> Choose Give bonus:

Create the Bonus:

When you have clicked on Create bonus, you’ll have to choose the date for the payment, what kind of bonus, and the amount:

Still unsure about Bonuses? Watch this video (ONLY DANISH):

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