Register a payment in advance
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If you have paid an employee a certain amount of money before the actual salary deadline, you’ll have to register this as a payment in advance. This payment will be deducted from the next coming salary.

Let’s say that you have paid 5000 Danish kroner manually, then this payment in advance will deduct 5000 Danish kroner from the net salary.

So when registering the payment in advance, the employee won’t be paid, you just tell Salary to deduct the amount from the next coming salary. You’ll have to manually pay the amount. Go to Employees -> Choose the employee -> Choose Net reduction -> Choose Register advance/net reduction:

If you forgot to pay salary for a hourly employee for a month then you can also register an advance. You can create a manual pay, register the extra hours in the next month and pay out an advance, and register it in Salary. Then the pay will be reported in the next month, but the employee has gotten their pay earlier.

Still unsure about how payment in advance works? Watch this video (ONLY DANISH):

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