Big and small companies
Skrevet af Kean Pedersen
Opdateret over en uge siden

In regards to the payment of A-skat and AM-bidrag, SKAT categorizes companies in big and small companies. Every company which is registered as an employer will be categorized into these two categories.

If you pay more than 1.000.000 Danish kroner in A-skat, your company will in most cases be categorized as a big company (or more than 250.000 Danish kroner in AM-bidrag). If the amount changes during the lifetime of the company, SKAT will automatically change it for you.

You are always able to see whether your company is categorized as a big or small company by going to

When signing up on Salary, it’s of importance that you choose the right category, so that we can help you with providing the correct deadlines for paying A-skat and AM-bidrag since these differ based on the category. You can always change the category by going to Company -> Under Company size -> Change the company size:

When you pay salary with Salary, the reporting will automatically be made by us when the salary is paid to your employees. So you have nothing to worry about as long as you choose the right category for your company

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