Tax card and registrering for eIndkomst
Skrevet af Kean Pedersen
Opdateret over en uge siden

When you have created an employee in Salary, we automatically send a registration of this to eIndkomst (SKAT). This is necessary in order for Salary to make the forthcoming reports on behalf of the employee when the salary is paid.

It is also in this way that we receive the necessary salary information linked to the employee (tax card).

Registering your employee can take up to 3 hours. When the registration is complete you’ll be able to see the person's tax card under Employees -> Choose the employee -> Tax cards:

Important: It is possible to pay a salary even though you haven’t received a tax card for the employee. If you do so, the employee will be charged 55% in taxes. Also, eIndkosmt might reject the automatic salary report made by us, which means you’ll have to make the report yourself.

So always remember to check for tax cards before you pay the first salary!

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