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Manual transfers to Skattekontoen in advance
Manual transfers to Skattekontoen in advance
Skrevet af Kean Pedersen
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Per default, Salary will automatically pay the exact amounts to Skattekontoen in time, but if you want to manually transfer the required amounts to Skattekontoen in advance, you can do that.

If you for example want to transfer A-skat manually to Skattekontoen, you can change the transfer settings for this specific type of transfer by going to Company -> Transfers -> Change transfer settings -> Change from "Transfered via Payment Service" to "Manual transfer":

Important: Skattekoen has a limit amount-wise. If this limit is exceeded the money you have transferred will be paid back. This limit is per default quite low, so before transferring money to Skattekotne, change the limit to avoid this. Click here to read more about how to do this.

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