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Extended salary period - manual salary payment
Extended salary period - manual salary payment
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All payrolls should, if you want automatic salary payment, be approved no later than the penultimate bank day at 10 in the morning.

If you somehow don't approve the salary in time for this deadline, we will create an extended salary period that expires at 23:59 the last day of the month. The only difference between the normal salary deadline and the extended deadline is that you’ll be unable to transfer the salary with Overførselsservice as the money shall be visible on the employee's account the first day of the next coming month.

So if you approve the salary during the extended period, you’ll have to transfer the net salary manually from the company account to the employee’s account. Overførselsservice will take care of the other transfers that are necessary.

You will be able to find the account numbers for your employee's accounts by going to Payroll -> Select the salary period -> Scroll down to transfer and click Show -> Choose See account numbers.

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