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How to register driving in Salary

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You can register driving in two different ways depending on your needs.

Both ways for registering driving is found in the menu 'medarbejdere' -> click the employee you want to register driving for -> choose the drop-down menu 'kørselsregistering'. Alternatively, you can register driving by clicking the menu 'registrering' -> 'kørselsregnskab'.

If you've already got a record of all of your driving with the necessary information hereof, which is mandatory by the rules of SKAT, you can simply register driving in Salary via. the 'simpel kørselsregistering'. If you have chosen to register the kilometers driven via. the 'simpel kørselsregistrering' you simply input the kilometers driven in a period. From here Salary will automatically calculate the tax-free compensation to be paid out to the employee. You can input driving from earlier months in one month if you want to, however, as with all the registered driving, you will need to have a record with the necessary documentation in accordance with SKAT's rules.

Read more about the necessary documentation to SKAT in this link:

If you do not want to keep track of all the necessary documentation besides Salary, we have made it possible to use our 'detaljeret kørselsregistrering'. With the 'detaljeret kørselsregistering' you will have to register all the necessary info about each individual trip so that you comply with the needs for documentation. Instead of recording your driving besides Salary, you can combine your recording and register of driving in one by using the detailed version in Salary. It is, however, important to notice, that it is only possible to activate the 'detaljeret kørselsregistering' when no driving has already been recorded using our system

After the wage, the period has finished and the wages have been paid out, it is possible to find a document with all the information about the driving which you have put in. You can use this as documentation to SKAT if necessary.

Change the compensation rate

As a default, Salary uses the driving compensation rate determined by the state. However, it is allowed to pay a lower rate than this default rate. You can change the rate by clicking 'ret sats'. It is possible to have one compensation rate per employee.

We've made this (Danish only) video guide, which shows how to register driving in Salary:


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