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Manual reporting to E-indkomst
Manual reporting to E-indkomst

How to, manually, report to E-indkomst

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Register as employer

If you have not done so already, it is important to register as an employer on Otherwise, Salary will not be able to report to Skat and we will simply receive an error message

The effect of this is that the payroll information will not be reported to Skat and Skat will not be able to charge you skat and AM-bidrag while you neither will be able to pay in the due amount.

Before reporting to Skat is possible, you as said, need to be registered as an employer. Learn how to do that by reading this guide:

Register yourself in E-indkomst

When you have registered yourself as an employer and your registration has been approved by Erhvervsstyrelsen, it is possible to register yourself in E-indkomst. You can do that by following this guide:

  1. Choose 'ansatte' in the top of the page

  2. Choose 'indberet til e-indkomst' in the menu on the left of the page

  3. A new window will open (if not, you will have to allow pop-ups in your browser)

  4. Choose 'ændre tilmeldingsoplysninger'

  5. Click on 'Indberetning til/forespørgsel på eIndkomst/LetLøn'

Make a manual report in E-indkomst

At the bottom of every payroll, you will be able to see the data on each employee that needs to be reported to E-indkomst. You can watch the data by clicking the paper icon as shown:

You can use this information to input the data in the correct spaces in E-indkomst. Every space has a number, and by clicking the paper icon you will be able to view what needs to be reported in each space:

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