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Change wage period for hourly-paid employees
Change wage period for hourly-paid employees

How to change the wage period for hourly paid employees.

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If your company uses a different wage period for hourly-paid employees than the usual period from the 1st-30th/31st, it is possible to change it in Salary. This will make sure that the wage period appears correct on the employees' payslips and furthermore make sure, that the reporting to Skat is done in accordance with the wage period. The disposition date will, however, still be the last weekday of the month

You can change the wage period in Salary by going to Company -> Under Payroll period for waged employees -> Change the period -> Save changes:

If you change your period, the change will have an effect on every hourly paid employee. After a few hours, a new payroll with the updated wage period for hourly-paid employees will appear. Since it takes a bit of time to generate this new payroll make sure to make your changes well before the deadline for approving a payroll.

In some cases, an error may occur when changing the wage period. For example, one of your employees may not be able to switch to the new wage period. In that case, contact support and we will help you out

Notice that if you employ both hourly paid employees and employees with a fixed wage there will appear two monthly payrolls, one for the hourly paid and one for those with fixed wage. The disposition date will, as mentioned, still be the last day of the month.

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