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In Salary, there are two ways to register the hours worked for your employees paid by the hour

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The two ways to register hours in Salary is either by the 'simple' or 'detailed' registration.

If you use the employee app so that your employees themselves can register hours worked it is important to make sure that you have changed your registration method from the simple to the detailed version. You can only change to detailed registration when no hours have been registered beforehand. If you want to change to detailed registration, you can do that by going to the Employees -> Choose the employee -> Choose Time registrations -> Enable Detailed time registration:

Simple registration

Is for you who only want to type in the number of hours worked in the period at the different hourly rates. Simply input the hours that your employee has worked in the period and save your changes. I.e. input 30 hours worked on a normal hourly wage and input 5 hours worked on the overtime pay rate.

Detailed registration

With detailed registration, you input the hours worked per day and register the hours worked on the different hourly rates. If your employees register hours themselves in the employee app they will appear here. From there you will have to approve their registrations, otherwise, they will not appear on the payroll. You can register a maximum of 24 hours pr. day.

This is how it looks when you register hours pr. a day with the detailed registration:

One can also see and approve the employees' registered hours by clicking the menu Registrations -> Time registrations.

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