Automatic approval of payrolls

Are you tired of remembering to approve each payroll?

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Have you ever forgotten to approve payroll at the end of the month? And has this resulted in you not paying your employees timely? Don't worry, Salary has got the solution.

If you are a Salary Basic customer you can choose to let Salary automatically approve your payroll so that your employees will receive their wage on time. To enable this go to Company -> Payroll -> Under How shall the payrolls be approved -> Select automatically.

You just need to make the necessary changes to the payroll before the second last weekday at 10 AM, where the payroll will be approved and closed.

By using automatic approval you will, however, make sure that you got as much time as possible to make changes to the payroll since it will be approved as late as possible while still ensuring timely payments to the employees.

Our recommendation is that you, the first time, approve your payroll manually so you can learn the system well and so you can be sure that everything is done correctly at a start.


1) Approval of wage (10 AM, the second last weekday of the month=

2) Reporting to Skat

3) Payslips are sent out

4) Skat will approve/disapprove the reporting the day after

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