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Give others access to your Salary account

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You can invite other people to your Salary account by going to Company -> User administration:

Administer users by going to Company -> User administration -> Follow the steps below:

  1. Start by inviting the user by typing in their email and choose their role in the company. Thereafter, they will receive an email with a token, which they can use to log in to Salary or create a new user in Salary which, afterward, will be granted access. At a start they will not have any right to make changes to the account's settings and neither will they be able to approve the payrolls.

  2. You can delete an invitation by clicking the pen icon

  3. Users, who have accepted an invitation, can be granted rights to make changes to the account's settings, approve payrolls, etc.

Now that you have invited another user, you can grant them one of these rights:

  1. Administrator - Gives the user the full right to change settings, approve hour registration, approve payrolls, etc.

  2. Approve pay - Only gives the invited user the right to approve the payrolls but nothing else.

  3. Review pay - Can edit the pay but not approve it.

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