How Salary handles outlays

A guide about how Salary can handle outlays. Including a guide on how to approve your employees' registered outlays

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If you are a Salary Premium customer, or if you have chosen the add-on package 'udlægshåndtering' you can easily gather all the receipts from your employee's outlays in Salary. Furthermore, you can easily administer the compensation, which the employees will receive for these outlays.

You can add this feature in Salary by clicking 'virksomhed' -> 'prispakke'. Here you can choose to solely add this feature for 69DKK/month pr. company or you can upgrade to premium (39DKK/payslip) and include other cool features to your Salary account.

When the feature is added, all your employees can upload their outlays via. the employee app and send them for approval. You can approve these registered outlays in Salary in the menu 'registrering' -> 'udlægshåndtering'. When approved, the employee will be compensated for their outlays in their next wage payment. If you do not approve these registered outlays, then the employees will not be compensated with their next wage payment.

How outlays looks in the employee app:

Create an outlay in the employee app (for the employees)

The first thing to do when adding an outlay in the employee app is to take a picture of or upload a picture of the receipt.

From here you choose the category of the outlay. You can also type in a note about this outlay, however, this is not mandatory.

You will also have to choose a date for the outlay and the amount

Hereafter you have to choose whether the outlay was made with your own credit/debit card (the employee him/herself has made the outlay) or with the company's credit/debit card (in that case the outlay will only have to be uploaded due to bookkeeping causes)

At last, you have to send the outlay for approval by clicking 'send til godkendelse'.

When the outlay is sent for approval, then it can be seen as waiting for approval in the employee app until it is approved by your boss or wage administrator. When approved it will show up as approved in the employee app.

Approve your employees' outlays

Every outlay, which is sent for approval, can be approved by the wage administrator in the menu 'registrering' -> 'udlægsoverblik'. Here you can see, control, correct/edit, and approve outlays created by your employees. You can also resend these outlays to your employees in case it lacks necessary information that you cannot correct.

See the details for an outlay

If you click on an outlay, you will be able to see and edit all the details for the outlay. You can also download the receipt by clicking 'hent bilag'. At last, you can also approve the outlay or remove a former approval of an outlay.

When the payroll for the period is finished, the employee has been compensated for their outlay and the outlay has been posted, then you will not be able to edit or reverse it. You will be able to see former outlays in registrering' -> 'udlægsoverblik' -> 'vis historik'

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