Set up the integration in Salary

  • Log into your Salary account
  • Press 'integrationer' and thereafter 'regnskab'
  • Press 'skift regnskabsintegration'
  • Choose Dinero from the drop-down list
  • Click on 'videre til forbindelse'
  • Insert your API-key from Dinero. Read about how to make one here (DANISH ONLY)
  • Click 'videre til næste skridt'
  • Choose organisation
  • Click 'videre til næste skridt'
  • Approve or edit your mapping
  • Make sure that the posting type and mapping account match each other.
  • Press 'forbind til Dinero'
  • Your integration with Dinero is now set up and everything about the payroll will be posted automatically in Dinero

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