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What does Salary post in my bookkeeping system?

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With Salary, it should be easy to create payrolls and pay wages to your employees. Therefore we make sure, that all the accounting regarding the wage is done automatically if you have set up the integration with your bookkeeping system. Even if you have not set this integration up, Salary helps you with the bookkeeping by giving you the necessary, relevant bookkeeping information in relation to your payroll and the following transactions.

When you pay wage you will have to post this in your bookkeeping. Salary makes sure, that all is posted correct, hereunder:

  • The transaction of the net wage from your bank account to the employees'

  • Wage, fringe benefits, pension, ATP, and other expenses occurring in relation to the wage is specified on each relevant account

  • Liabilities regarding ATP, A-tax, and AM-contribution are posted as a liability

  • Liabilities regarding holiday pay and holiday supplement are posted as a liability

When the wage has been paid, Salary can also make sure that the A-tax, AM-contribution, and ATP are paid before the due date. This, however, requires that you have set up a Overførselsservice -agreement so we, automatically, can make transfers on your behalf. If you have set up such an agreement, then we will make sure to post the necessary information in your bookkeeping system so the liability posts regarding the payments are counterposed correctly.

You can, at any time, see the different posts regarding the payroll by going to Payroll -> Select the period -> Select Show under accounting:

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