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What can your employees do in the employee app?
What can your employees do in the employee app?

Your employees will have different functions depending on their employment specifications

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Depending on whether or your employee is paid by the hour or is monthly paid, there are different functionalities in the app. Some functionalities are, however, the same for both types of employees.

All employees (both hourly paid and monthly paid) can see their old payslips, edit their personal information (address, mail, etc.), and register driving if necessary.


If you are a premium customer or have bought Salary's outlay management module, all employees can register outlays in the web-app. They do that by uploading a picture of the receipt and inputting the necessary information in the different bars. Hereafter, the outlay will be paid out with the next payroll, if the outlay was paid with a private debit/credit card. If it was paid with a company debit/credit card, the outlay will simply just med posted in the bookkeeping system when registered.

Functions only for hourly-paid employees:

Hourly paid employees can register their hours and see whether or not their registered hours have been approved by the wage administrator. If approved, the hours will be included in the next payroll, if not, they will not be included

Functions only for monthly paid employees:

Employees, who are paid a fixed monthly amount, can register holidays and see whether or not these have been approved by the wage administrator.

Approving your employees' inputs

Common for the registration of both driving, hours, outlays, and holidays is that it all has to be approved by the wage administrator if these are to be included in the next payroll. The wage administrator will, in Salary, be able to see a notification in the respective payroll, if there are registered one of these four things and it has not been approved yet. The registrations have to be approved before approving the payroll, otherwise, they will not be included.

In Salary, in the menu 'virksomhed', you can choose to auto-approve hours and drive registered by the employees in the web-app. See below:

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