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Two-factor authentication

How to use two-factor authentication in Salary

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If you want to have more than one password for your Salary account, you can turn on two-factor authentication in Salary.

Start by choosing the Orange icon -> Choose account -> Choose Two factor authorisation -> Set up two factor authorisation:

From here, you simply click the orange box and choose either Two-factor-authentication by SMS or by an Authenticator app.


You will receive a message on your phone including a 6-digit password. If you have chosen to use SMS-authentication as your two-factor-Authentication process, you will, in the future, have to use your phone and the SMS-message to log in to Salary.

Authenticator app:

You have to take a picture of the QR-code which shows up on the screen and hereafter you can input the 6-digit password which is generated by the app. In the future, this step will be necessary in order to log into your Salary account.

You can always turn off two-factor authentication in the same place in Salary that you have turned it on.

One-time passwords

When you have turned on the two-factor authentication, you will receive a couple of one-time passwords you can use to log onto Salary in case you lose your phone or if you get a new phone number

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