1. In Salary click the menu 'integrationer' and then the drop-down-menu 'tidsregistrering'. From here click 'opsæt tidsregistreringssystem'. Now you will be able to choose Ordrestyring as your time registration system as shown below:

2. When you have chosen Ordrestyring and clicked 'videre til forbindelse', you will have to input the API-key which you have received from Ordrestyring:

3. When you have inputted the API-key and clicked 'videre til næste skridt', you will have to map the different hourly payment rates from Ordrestyring to the different hourly payment rates which are possible to choose in Salary. See the picture below:

4. When you have finished the integration with Salary and Ordrestyring, it is now possible to import the approved hours from Ordrestyring to Salary. You do that by clicking the menu 'integrationer' -> 'tidsregistrering' -> 'importer data'. Make sure that both the hours imported and the different hourly pay rates are correct the first time you import data from Ordrestyring to Salary. See the picture below shows where to import data from Ordrestyring:

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