If you have got both a Minuba account and a Salary account it is possible to import the hours from Minuba to Salary with only a single click.

Important: When you import hours from Minuba to Salary for the first time, it is important to control that all the hours have been imported to Salary and that your employee has received the correct amount of hours and wage for the period. Control this before approving the period's payroll.

How to integrate the two systems:

First, you will have to create an API-key in Minuber

You do that by clicking the settings menu in the upper right corner (the gear icon). From there you choose 'Administration' -> 'brugere' -> choose your user by clicking the bar as shown below:

After this, you have to choose 'udvidede indstillinger' (extended setting). From here press 'lav ny nøgle' and save your work.

You will now have to copy the generated API-key since you will have to use this in Salary.

Be aware that the 'lønnummer' in Minuba has to be the same number as is specified for the employee's employee number (medarbejdernummer) in Salary. In Minuba, you can specify the lønsummer in the same place as the API-key is created:

When you have gotten the API-key from Minuba and you have specified the 'lønnummer' you log onto Salary. Here you click the menu 'integrationer' -> 'tidsregistrering' -> 'opsæt tidsregistreringssystem'

When you have clicked this green bar you will be able to follow the integration process in Salary. First, you will have to choose Minuba as your time registration system

When you have chosen Minuba click 'videre til næste skridt' and insert the API-key from Minuba in the bar as shown:

From here, you will have to map the different hourly payment rate types in Minuba to the different hourly payment rate types in Salary

When the mapping is done, click 'forbind til Minuba', and Salary and Minuba will now be connected.

Hereafter you will now be able to import hours for those employees who are created in both Salary and Minuba. Be aware, as mentioned before, that in order for the integration to work properly, it is necessary that the employees created in Minuba have the same 'lønnummer' in Minuba as the employees' 'medarbejdernummer' in Salary.

When the integration is set up, you can import data from Minuba to Salary by going to the menu 'integrationer' -> 'tidsregistrering' and clicking the green bar saying 'importer data'

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