The process of setting up a NETS-agreement for Salary to use can seem a bit complex and difficult. Unfortunately, we cannot help by giving you insight into the process since it is your bank and NETS who have complete control of the process from the beginning to the end.

If you have received a message from NETS saying that your agreement has been approved and you, after 1 weekday, have not received a message from Salary stating that we also have received the finished agreement, then you should contact NETS and ask whether they have forwarded the message to Salary or not.

We often experience that NETS has errors in their forwarding of the agreement to us. We cannot use the NETS-agreement before receiving it, even if you have been told by NETS (or your bank) that it is ready. If Salary has not received any agreement from NETS, we cannot automatically transfer money on your behalf.

NETS can be contacted on phone number: 44 89 27 20

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