Integrate Salary and Contractbook

How to integrate Salary and Contractbook

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Before you will be able to create employees in Salary via. Contractbook, it is necessary that Salary is integrated with Contractbook. This guide shows how to do so.

1. In Salary click the menu 'integrationer' -> 'ContractBook'

Copy the input in the bar 'Callback-URL'. See the picture below:

2. Log into ContractBook and go to 'integrationer' -> 'API-nøgler'

(You find the 'integrationer'-menu in the upper right corner by clicking your account)

From here click 'tilføj' and insert the Callback-URL, which you copied from Salary:

After you have saved your changes, you will receive an API-key, which you will have to copy and input in the bar 'API-nøgle' the same place in Salary you found the Callback-URL.

3. After you have copied the API-key from Contractbook and inputted it in the 'API-nøgle' bar in Salary it is important to save your changes (as shown below). When that is done, ContractBook and Salary are integrated.

4. The contracts, which have been signed, can, in the future, be found in the menu 'integrationer' -> 'ContractBook'. These are now ready to be created in Salary.

You can see, how one creates employees in Salary via. Contractbook in this link

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