Integrate Salary and Planday

This guide will show how to integrate Planday and Salary in order to import employees and hours worked to Salary from Planday

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1. Log into Planday. Go to 'settings' -> 'integrations' -> 'API Access'.

2. Click 'connect app' og insert Salary's application ID, which is:

3. Click 'Authorize' on the created APP ID and save your changes

4. Click 'copy' on the token, which is created

5. Go to Salary. In the menu choose Integrations -> Data provider -> Choose Establish connection to data provider -> Choose Planday in the drop down menu -> Continue to connection.

From here, choose Planday from the drop-down menu that shows up. Follow the steps, and input the token from Planday in the bar 'API-nøgle' when you reach this step. Remember to save your changes. If you receive a green message stating 'ændringer er gemt', Planday and Salary have been integrated.

6. From here, scroll down and click 'importér data' if you want to import and create employees:

We will, automatically, create all the employees that already have the necessary inputs (CPR-number, name, and address). If some employees are not created it is because this necessary information is missing. Before importing the employees to Salary, add the necessary information on the employees in Planday.

7. Import the hours worked.

If your employees are created in both Salary and Planday we will automatically import each employee's hours registered in the roster/schedule for the period. Remember to press the save button in order to have the hours saved in Salary. If you have an hourly payment rate/type which does not exist in Salary already, we will create the payment rate/type by copying the information from Planday.

9. Since we use the employees' e-mail as a 'key' it is important the employees' mail is set up in Planday. We only import the approved shifts from the roster/schedule in Planday. We import the hours worked onto the payroll periods which you have chosen in Salary.

If something does not work, then writes support and we will look into it. It is a new integration and there are many ways to set up Planday, so it may be possible that your specific settings in Planday require us to do some further development work in regards to the Salary-Planday-Integration.

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