Holiday leave in advance

With the new Holiday Legislation it is possible to give your employees holiday leave in advance

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The new holiday legislation gives the opportunity to "lend" holidays in advance to your employees with paid holidays. By lending out holidays to these employees, they can have one or more days off without their wage being deducted. This holiday in advance will then be "paid back" in the following months as your employee saves up holidays in accordance with the Danish legislation (2.08 days pr. month). If your employee does not save up enough holidays to compensate for the holidays in advance that he/she has received before he/she quits or is laid off, Salary will automatically deduce the value of the holidays in advance in the employee's wage.

In Salary, in the menu Company -> Holiday settings you can state how many holidays that your employee can get in advance before a deduction of the employees' wage will occur. You do that by stating the days in the field Number of holidays in advance:

When you have made your changes and saved them, your employee will not experience any wage deduction for their holiday leave, unless the employees' leave exceeds what he/she has saved and what he/she is able to lend from the company.

Be aware that you should make a clear agreement with your employees about the rules for receiving holidays (with pay) in advance, hereunder make your employees aware that their wages may be deducted if they quit or are laid off with a negative holiday leave account.

If you are still wondering how to use the holiday in advance feature in Salary, see the following video (Only Danish)

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