Salary has made a smart import function that can import all the necessary employee and wage data from Danløn to Salary with only a few clicks.

The only thing you have to do is to go to and input your username and password to Danløn and then Salary will automatically import the necessary information.

Our system will show warnings if it happens that we cannot detect aspects of the data import. You can always contact support if you are in doubt whether or not these undetectable aspects of the import are necessary to include or not. If these warnings can be ignored, you can simply scroll to the bottom of the page and save.

Hereafter all your employees will be added to Salary with the same employment terms and wage rates as in Danløn, including the necessary starting balances. These balances will show up at the bottom of the employees' payslips.

To make sure that everything is set up correctly, it can be a good idea to check for each employee that everything looks as it should. If something is wrong, you can always edit it in Salary by either adding or deleting data on an employee or even delete the employee altogether.

If something has gone wrong, or some of the data has not been imported correctly, we would like to hear from you on in order for us to either add features or inform future customers better about the import from Danløn

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