Register remuneration to a freelancer

How to pay out and report remunerations to freelancers when using Salary

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With Salary it is easy to payout and/or report remunerations to freelancers.

How can I pay out and report a remuneration amount?

1) Go to the menu Freelancers

2.a) If you have not yet added any freelancers to your Salary account, press New freelancer and add him/her to the system by following the steps when creating a new freelancer

2.b) If you have already added freelancers to your Salary account, simply click the freelancer

3) Herefter choose Create compensation under Compensations, enter the remuneration amount, add (not mandatory) an invoice text and then make sure that the remuneration will be paid out by the right date in the right payroll. The remuneration will then both be paid out and reported with the specified payroll when the payroll is approved and finished.

When creating a remuneration to a freelancer it will look like this:

If you have already paid out the remuneration yourself, then you can make sure, that Salary will not pay out the remuneration but only report the necessary information to Skat by clicking the Only reporting bar on. When this bar is turned on, Salary will not pay out any money to the freelancer in the specified payroll period. It will look like this when turned on:

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