Make updates for several employees at once

Salary's mass action tool

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With Salary's mass action tool it is now possible to make the same change or update several employees at once. You'll find the tool named Bulk action under Employees.

Step 1 - Choose Bulk action

Step 2 - Select the employees you want to make changes to

(You can filter your employees on their type of employment, wage period, department, or simply search for their names)

Step 3 - Choose an action from the drop-down menu and choose Run

Step 4 - See the result

After you have pressed the Run-button you will see the result. This includes notifications about employees where the update did not happen. This notification also includes an explanation about why the update could not be completed.

If you want to make the update for the employees where it could not be completed using the mass action tool, you have to fix the problem which is explained in the notification bar before trying again.

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