Click on the menu 'virksomhed' -> 'overførsler' and click on the transfer you would like to change from automatic to manual. Click 'skift til manuel' if you want to transfer manually instead

You can only edit transfers that have not yet been transferred or where the deadline is not exceeded.

Set all future transfers to manual for a certain transfer type

You can make sure that we do not transfer a certain type of transfers automatically. It may be so, that you want to transfer all the future ATP-transfers yourself and do not want Salary to transfer these types of transfers automatically. If you want to change all future transfers from automatic to manual for a certain transfer group, you do so by clicking 'virksomhed' -> 'overførsler' -> 'skift overførselsindstillinger'. See the picture below:

From here you can state, for every transfer type, whether you want Salary to make the future transfers automatically or if you want to do the transfer manually:

'Overføres via Overførselsservice ' is automatic transfer

'Overføres manuelt' is manual transfer

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