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Register driving in the employee app
Register driving in the employee app

A guide (incl. video guide) which shows how to register driving in Salary's employee app

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When you register driving in the Salary employee app, you need to inform the app about the following information:

1) Where you are driving from

2) Where you are driving to

3) The cause of driving

4) Your number's plate

5) Whether your driving includes a return journey or not

When the driving is registered in the employee app, it is up to your wage administrator to approve the driving and you will be compensated in the next wage payment. You can check whether or not your wage is approved by the wage administrator in the employee app. You do that in the same place where you registered your driving. If approved, your registration will be green. If not, it will be red.

You can see this short video guide showing how to register driving (ONLY DANISH)


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