Do you have an employee who is going on maternity leave?

  • If an employee does not have a claim to receive wage while on maternity leave, you will have to report the employee's leave via. NemRefusion

  • The employee will hereafter receive a notification letter from Udbetaling Danmark. The employee's answers and submission of the notification letter constitute the request of payment of maternity leave benefits

  • The employee has to submit the information to Udbetaling Danmark before the due date. The due date is 8 weeks after the birth of the employee does not receive wage while on maternity leave

  • If the company pays the employee wage in a period of maternity leave, then Udbetaling Danmark needs the employee's submission of the notification letter at latest 8 weeks after the last wage payment

  • If Udbetaling Danmark receives the submission later, then the employee will only be able to receive maternity leave benefits from the day Udbetaling Danmark has received the submission.

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