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Swipe - Salary payments on an ongoing basis
Swipe - Salary payments on an ongoing basis

How to activate Salary's Swipe feature

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Swipe is Salary's solution to creating more flexibility for your employees by giving them the opportunity to receive their salary payments on an ongoing basis instead of only receiving their wage by the end of the month.

When the Swipe-feature is activated in the Salary system your employees will be able to request that some of their saved up salary is to be paid out earlier than usual. Your employees will easily be able to make a Swipe-request via. the Salary Employee app.

If you want to use our Swipe feature it is a necessity that your company is using our basis-package and that you have an active Overførselsservice-agreement. If your company lives up to these two necessities, you can activate Swipe in the menu 'Virksomheder' --> drop-down-menu 'overførsler'

How to set up Swipe

There are different ways of setting up Swipe depending on your needs as a company and your employees' needs. Below the settings will be reviewed and explained:

1) 'Slå straksoverførsler til' = This setting allows Salary to transfer advances and remunerations for your employees' outlays as fast as possible.

2) 'Slå Swipe til' = This setting activates Swipe so your employees can request Swipes via. the employee app

3) 'Slå autogodkendelse til' = Will make sure that your employees' requested Swipes will be approved automatically. You can set a restrictive amount on how much your employees will be able to Swipe with automatically approved Swipes. Anything above the restricted amount will have to be approved by you. Anything under the restricted amount will be paid out automatically.

4) 'Timelønnet, provisionslønnet, fastlønnet, freelancer' = Lets you decide what type of employees which will be able to swipe their wage.

5) 'Slå autogodkendelse af timer til' = Employees can only Swipe the wage that they have already saved up in the current month. For your hourly paid employees that means that you will have to approve their time registrations before having saved up any wage at all. This feature, however, automatically approves their time registrations whenever something is registered

6) 'Tidspunkt for Swipe-notifikation' = This setting will make sure that you get a notification about unapproved Swipes each day. You decide what time of the day, that you want to get a notification.

You can approve Swipes in the menu 'Registrering' --> 'Swipe Oversigt' when the Swipe-feature is activated.

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