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How do I Swipe my wage?
How do I Swipe my wage?

How to Swipe your wage

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If your employer has set up Salary's Swipe-feature and you have saved up any wage in the current month, it will be possible to Swipe some of all of your saved-up wages via. Salary's employee app. You will be able to Swipe by clicking the orange button on the front page of the employee app as shown below:

When you have clicked the Swipe-button the only thing you will need to do is to choose the amount that you wish to Swipe and then simply Swipe your wage. As a default setting we will set the Swipe-amount as the maximum amount that your employer has allowed to be paid out automatically. If you swipe a bigger amount than the default setting, your Swipe will have to be manually approved by your employer before the money is transferred:

If you swipe an amount below or equal to the default setting it will automatically be approved and transferred to your bank account. The message af your swipe will include information about when to expect the money to arrive at your account. If the money, against expectation, is not on your bank account on the stated date, you will have to write your employer ind order to get the amount paid out manually:

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