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Introduction to Salary Premium

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Easy salary for everyone. We have done the hard work

In the following article you are able to get an overview of what Salary Premium includes.

You wil always be able to find an updated overview of our price packages (in Danish) here

Features included specifically in the Premium-package:

  • Support via. telephone between 09 am and 3 pm on weekdays

  • Swipe - With Swipe your employees will be able to get their saved up wage paid out when they want. All it takes is a swipe from their mobile device

  • Personalepleje - Free access to a list of advantageous discounts.

  • Outlays - Both registering of, bookkeeping of and remuneration of employees' outlays

  • Common holiday calendar - So all or selected employees can get an overview of all or selected colleagues' holidays.

  • The option to enter and save critical information about employees' relatives in Salary

  • Documents - save documents regarding employees in Salary

In addition all the following from the Basic-package:

Different kinds of Salary-types

Ordinary monthly wage periode, 14 day wage periode, weekly wage period. Payrolls for both hourly paid employees, employees with fixed remuneration, freelancers and provision-based remuneration. Furthermore the opportunity to register:

  • Mileage allowance

  • Diets

  • Paid-out advances

  • Bonus

  • Text on the payslips

  • Balance corrections

  • Gross wage deductions

  • Extra pension

Employee benefits which can be registered in Salary

Fri bil (free car). Includes automatic tax calculation

Fri telefon (free phone)

Fri internet (free internet)

Lunch scheme

Health insurance

Free board and lodging

Free year-round housing

Free transport between home and work

Fixed net wage deduction

Other employee benefits


Both holidays with pay and without pay (12.5% feriepenge)

Director's holiday scheme (no holiday saving at all)

Feriefridag (extra holidays) and days of care

Both calculation and payment of ferietillæg (1% holiday supplement)

Automatic transactions to Feriekonto

Automatic calculation and reporting of the value of unused holidays with pay when an employee's contract is terminated in the system

Opportunity to report to alternative holiday funds (advanced setting)

Holiday calculation pr. hour/day (advanced setting)


Integration to all Danish pension companies

Payment of pension to theses companies or directly to a specific pension account

Opportunity to set a fixed percentage amount of the gross wage or a fixed DKK amount as both employee and employer-paid pension contributions

Pension payment according to the Danish §53A (advanced setting)


Opportunity to create freelancers in the system via. CPR-number

Opportunity to create freelancers in the system via. CVR-number (Advanced setting)

Payments and reporting of remunerations to freelancers

Opportunity to only report already-paid-out remunerations to freelancers

Wage administration:

Automatic transferring of net wage, taxes, pension and feriepenge (holiday compensation) via. Overførselsservice

Automatic bookkeeping in your bookkeeping system

Bookkeeping in sections and dimensions

An ongoing bookkeeping of provisions for mandatory holiday supplement (ferietillæg)

Salary obtains your employees' tax cards automatically

Automatic payment and bookkeeping of the mandatory holiday supplements in May and August.

Payslips sent to E-boks

Net wage sent to NemKonto

Opportunity to create future contracts

For the owner of the company

Reporting of: A-indkomst, AM-bidrag and hours worked to skat. Furthermore reporting of feriepenge and pension

The opportunity to place employees in specific departments

Upload pictures of your employees in the system

Opportunity to give managers access to Salary with manager-specific settings

Free setup-service from your former payroll-system to Salary

Access to Salarys benefit 'club'

For the employees of the company:

Access to Salary's employee app where employees can register work hours, absence, outlays, mileage and Swipe their net wage.

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