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View payslips in the employee app
View payslips in the employee app

How do you find your payslips in the employee app?

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It is incredibly easy to find your payslips in the employee app:

1. You start by clicking Documents in the menu

2. Then you make sure to select Payslips

3. Finally you can choose a specific payslip to download

The picture below shows how the three steps are carried out, once logged into the employee app:

The employee app even displays your upcoming payslip and your expected salary payout. The front page (the first page you see once logged in) will show what you can expect to receive before as well as after taxes on your upcoming payslip:

The image above, as an example, shows that the employee can expect a salary payout of 1.366 kr after taxes on March 31, 2022 based on his approved hours.
Should he work and register more hours, then the amount will increase as the hours are approved by his payroll administrator.

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