Sick leave allowance

How to register sick leave allowance in Salary

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What is sick leave allowance?

An employee who is not entitled to a full salary during sick leave, will accumulate sick leave allowance.

Sick leave allowance amounts to 12,5% of the employee's base salary in the 4 weeks prior to their sick leave.

If the employee earned 10.000 kr. in the 4 weeks prior to the sick leave and the employee is not entitled to salary during illness, they will have the right to 1.250 kr. (12,5%) of sick leave allowance.

If the employee is entitled to partial pay during holiday, then you can deduct the regular holiday allowance from the calculation of sick leave allowance. Like this:

The employe's salary 4 weeks prior to illness: 10.000 kr.

The employee's salary during illness: 5.000 kr.

The employee's saved up holiday allowance under illness: 5.000 x 12,5% = 625 kr.

The employee's entitled sick leave allowance: 10.000 x 12,5% = 1.250 kr.

Thus, the employee will receive the following in sick leave allowance the first month of illness:

1.250 kr. - 625 kr. = 625 kr.

How to create a sick leave allowance in Salary?

Firstly, you have to turn on the option of more bonustypes. This is done by going to Company -> Advanced -> Enable More bonus types -> Choose Save changes.

When this is done, you go to Employees -> Select the employee -> Choose Give bonus:

Hereafter you have the option of adding a bonus, and then choose the type Sick holiday allowance. Then you enter the amount of the bonus, the payment date and perhaps a note saying what the bonus is for. After this, the bonus will be on the next payroll.

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