My employee's income tax rate is too high

There may be several reasons for a higher income tax rate - one of them is salary withholding

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If your employee contacts you informing you that their income tax rate is too high on their payslip that what is indicated on Skat. There are two primary reasons:

1) The employee has just updated his preliminary income assessment and Salary has not received the updated tax card from Skat yet. It may take a few days for Skat to send us the next tax card after the preliminary income assessment has been updated.

2) Most often, however, there is another reason: Salary withholding, which is a new way for the government to collect personal debts:

As an employer, you are not notified if / when this happens, so it can be difficult to know.

For additional information, you can check out the link below:

How the employee can check what has been deducted from their salary to pay their personal debt:

  1. Select ''Skatteoplysninger''

  2. On the left hand side choose ''Søg i Indkomstoplysninger''

  3. In the section ''Lønindeholdelse'', select: ''Vis evt. Lønindeholdelse for år''

  4. Choose ''Hent oplysning''

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