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Approval flow: Preparing payroll and multiple approvers
Approval flow: Preparing payroll and multiple approvers

Payroll approval process

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If you need multiple users to approve your payroll, or you have an accountant who is allowed to prepare payroll but not approve it, you can add more approvers and add users to prepare payroll under Company -> Payroll.

The setting requires you to add at least two users to approve the payroll, and auto-approval of payroll must be switched off.

The multiple approvers setting is activated by selecting the number of approvers and then pressing Save changes.

Allowing users to prepare payroll means that a user with the corresponding rights, is allowed to prepare a payroll for approval. The payroll can then be approved by an admin user or a user with approver rights.

When the setting is activated and the first user either prepares or approves the payroll, an email will automatically be sent to the subsequent approver.

If a payroll is not confirmed by all approvers before deadline, it will be registered as not approved and will be either extended or cancelled depending on when the final approver confirms it.

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