Contract Signing

How to send contracts for signing

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Our Premium pricing package has access to our HR tab that includes document management and contract signing.

Choose New document to sign

  1. Select your PDF file for signing.

  2. Choose category and write a description.

  3. Select signing method (SMS or MitID).

  4. Insert the name and email address of the signer - if you have more than one, you can add a new signer by clicking Tilføj underskriver.

  5. Click Create document to send the document for signing.

The first signer will then receive an email with a link to sign the document. The link will direct you to the signing page, where you can enter your phone number for sms signing or you can choose to sign the document with MitID.

The interface will then be updated with the signed document, and you can now assign it to an existing employee or you can click to add the employee in Salary.

A signing page will be added to the PDF file with information on when and by whom the document was signed.

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