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Store Bededag Supplement
Store Bededag Supplement
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"Store Bededag" has been removed from the public holiday calendar. Instead, there has been implemented a new supplement called the "Store bededag" supplement.

From 2024, this must instead be compensated for via this new supplement.

For the employees who are paid by the hour, this has no meaning, as a starting point. However, this may depend on their contract. If they have a contract similiar to a full-time employee, however with employment as an hourly wage, it will be relevant. Here you will be able to turn it on under "Company" --> Advanced --> Turn on "Great Prayer Day supplement for waged employees":

For full-time employees, this means that there will be a supplement of 0.45%, which corresponds to the value of a day off.

It can be paid out in two different ways.

  • The salary supplement will be paid twice a year. This payment will be in the same months as the holiday supplement, which is in May and August. If this option is chosen, you must be aware that the employee, in the event of resignation, has the right to be paid this supplement with their last payment.

  • The other option is that payments can be made on a monthly basis, with the payroll run. Here, the payment will be clear on the pay slip.​

This feature has already come into effect, and it is automatically paid out, together with the holiday supplement, in May and August.

If, on the other hand, you want this to be paid out on a monthly basis, you will have to turn this on yourself. You do this under "Company" --> Advanced --> Turn on "Pay out Great Prayer Day supplement periodically":

For persons on Director's salary, the supplement will automatically be switched off. However, you can turn it on to this employee. You do this during the actual employment of this employee and by their holiday conditions.

If you have any doubts about this, feel free to write to our Support in the chat.

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