The free package
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This article will cover the free package and what’s included. If you want to read about the Premium package, click here.

Different kind of salary:

  • Bagudbetalt salary

  • Salary every 2 weeks

  • Monthly salary for hourly-paid employees and fixed paid

  • Mileage allowance

  • Diets

  • Wage supplements

Employee benefits:

  • Free car (including tax calculation)

  • Free phone

  • Free internet

  • Lunch

  • Healthcare service


  • Holiday with/without salary

  • Holiday supplement management

  • Holidays and care days

  • Transfers to Feriekonto

  • Automatic calculation and reporting of holiday pay upon termination of an employee


  • Integration to all Danish pension companies

  • Payment of pension to the companies or directly to the pension account

  • Ability to set fixed monthly amount or a percentage of the pay both employer and employee-paid

Salary administration:

  • Automatic transfer of salary, taxes, pension, and holiday pay through NETS.

  • Automatic bookkeeping of reserved holiday allowance

  • Automatic bookkeeping of reserved holiday allowance at the beginning of the holiday year

  • Email reminder when it's time to run a payroll and register hours for hourly-paid employees

For the company owner:

  • Reporting of A-indkomst, AM-bidrag, and amount of hours to SKAT, holiday pay, and pension.

  • Ability to sort employees in different departments

  • Pictures of employees

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