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Invite employees to Salary's employee app
Invite employees to Salary's employee app

A guide describing how to invite employees to

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When clicking an employee in Salary, you can invite each employee to Salary's employee app where the employees can register time (if they are paid by the hour) and absence (if they are monthly paid). You can also invite several employees at once by using out mass action tool called Bulk action.

When you Invite to employee app under an employee we send a mail to the employee which he/she will have to use when creating a user in the employee-app:

When the employee has accepted the invitation and has created a user, this will show on the profile of the employee.

When the employee has created a user, he/she can log in via the employee app which can be downloaded directly in Apples App Store or Google Play.

If the employee is still wondering what to do when having received the mail, they can watch the video guide (Only in Danish) in this article which shows the whole process.

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