Get started with Salary
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When your company has been verified by the Salary staff, you are (almost) ready for take-off with Salary!

But first off, you’ll have to do a couple of important things:

Register as an employer - Read more

If you are going to pay your salary for the first time you’ll have to register yourself as an employer. Do this at before the salary is approved otherwise we won’t be able to report the necessary information to SKAT on your behalf.

Create employees - Read more

The most important part in order to pay salary is to create employees, otherwise, there would be no one to receive the money. A good rule of thumb is to create employees a week before the salary deadline (at the latest) - in this way, we can take care of tax cards, etc.

Tax card - Read more

When you create an employee we will receive the tax card belonging to the person. This can take a couple of hours and errors can happen, so again, create the employees with time to spare.

Overførselsservice automatic payment - Read more

In order for Salary to automatically pay the salary, ATP, A-skat, pension, and more, you’ll need to sign up for Overførselsservice payment service. This process can take several days since your bank has to approve the payment service to be completed. Also in order to sign up for Overførselsservice , you’ll need nemID.

If you approve a salary without Overførselsservice , you’ll have to transfer everything manually. Read more about how to transfer manually.

Approve the salary - Read more

When everything of the above has been made, you are ready to approve the salary. Should it happen that you by mistake approve the salary, you can un-approve it again - but only as long as it’s before the deadline.

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